My name is Phoebe Johnson, and I could easily bore you with an outline of my professional background and qualifications. Instead, I’d rather tell you about me in a more candid sort of way.

I am a passionate music marketer, digital marketer, and creative strategy aficionado. I eat, breathe, and sleep music, and I’ve spent the last 8 years learning ways to market it to people. I strive to articulate company and artist branding, messaging, and art to the right people at the right time, by leveraging demographic research, historical data, and competitor insights to guide innovative marketing and sales strategies.

My goal is to represent music and video as, well, as buyable and streamable products, and through my digital marketing expertise, continuously grow the revenue they drive.  Ultimately, an increase in revenue enables the artists, producers, audio engineers, labels – you get the point – to continue creating and continue positively impacting people with their ideas and art.

Music is continuously changing as a result of growth in technology and the need to adapt with digital streaming. With that change comes the need to revamp and reimagine marketing strategies, to look to utilize a full-funnel approach that, while incorporating traditional insights, heavily relies on digital strategy advancements, data, and content.

My personal aim is to continue learning through work and interpersonal experience and I strive to derive a continuous adaptation of marketing to drive more sales and streams in this ever changing climate.

If you ever want to brainstorm ideas, creatively collaborate, or discuss an opportunity, I’m all ears. Feel free to contact me at any time.