The Used: 15th Anniversary Tour


I was very lucky to have been able to attend both dates of The Used’s 15th Anniversary tour and to see them perform their two first albums off Warner/Reprise: The Used and In Love and Death.

While anniversary tours are somewhat of a trend right now, and while people are urging to live in the moment and away from nostalgia, I disagree and feel that any form of music is important. The music you choose listen to and why you do so shouldn’t matter as long as it gives you feeling. If certain albums gave you feeling 10 years ago and still give you feeling today, listen to them. See them performed live. Enjoy them. Music is about feeling, music is about community, music is about hope.

I can walk you through a set list and a step-by-step account of both shows, but I won’t. If you’re a fan of The Used, you can easily deduce what their set lists were for the respective nights. If you’re not a fan of The Used, just look up the track listings of each album, and there you go.

What I do want to talk about is the experience. The honesty and humility from which Bert McCracken spoke was, well, for lack of a better word, humbling. He spoke from the heart and reminded everyone that the environment was one filled with like minded people, all of whom have gone through struggles and difficulties, and all of whom have come through those with the help of music and love.  Bert told the story of his life and of the band in between songs, and he painted the picture as to why The Used came to be and why The Used still exists. The music is emotional and relatable in itself, but he added a new layer of emotion – of honesty – to the night.

That, my friends, is the beauty of music. That is why I did not want to reiterate to you how awesome it was to see “Blue and Yellow” performed live or hear the crowd recite the poem to “I’m A Fake”. I wanted to focus on the power of music, of the impact it can cause in people. I wanted to focused on the raw honesty and healing beauty of the art.

Anniversary tours are somewhat looked down on because some feel they cause people to overlook budding bands and quality, new music. They do neither of those; if anything, they encourage fans of those bands to explore new music. Regardless, if music instills feeling of any kind in someone, that is what matters.

Keep supporting music. Keep supporting each other. Keep supporting art.