AFI, 2/24/17 at The Wiltern

Words cannot explain how excited I was to finally see AFI live, after 10 years of trying to buy tickets, and 10 years of failing to even make it past the “choose your ticket amount” screen. After seeing AFI for the first time that night at The Wiltern, I deeply wished I had purchased a ticket for the following night. I wanted more, and I wanted it immediately.

My mind was absolute jello from exploding into many, many pieces once the set began. The band played songs from almost every album, ranging from The Art of Drowning to the newest release, The Blood Album. See the full set list below:

  1. Strength Through Wounding
  2. Girl’s Not Grey
  3. Aurelia
  4. Love Like Winter
  5. So Beneath You
  6. The Great Disappointment
  7. Veronica Sawyer Smokes
  8. The Lost Souls
  9. Morningstar
  10. The Days of the Phoenix
  11. Snow Cats
  12. The Despair Factor
  13. I Hope You Suffer
  14. Miss Murder
  15. Silver and Cold
  16. God Called in Sick Today
  17. This Celluloid Dream

When the band took the stage and kicked off the set with Strength Through Wounding off of Black Sails in the Sunset, the crowd exploded like a cannon. The need for the band members to perform gang vocals was lost, for the crowd began to vehemently chant, “Through our bleeding, we are one!”.

AFI The Wiltern 2.24.17

This was the first show in a long time where I lost complete track of time, where I only heard the music and my own voice singing along, where I only felt the movement of the crowd beside me.

Davey Havok is a fantastic frontman but a prime entertainer. On stage, one can really see his theater influence growing up, and he exudes confidence, comfort, and passion as he sings and moves about the stage. He really draws the crowd in, engaging the audience with his motions as well as his vocal performance. Each individual audience member is captured in the performance of the full band, captured in the moment, living every single song.

I cannot wait to see AFI play again at the When We Were Young festival in a couple weeks time.