Joyce Manor & AJJ, 1/13/17 at The Regent

January 2017, the start of the New Year. The start of a year full of the unknown, of fear, of anger, but most of all, the start of a year with music driving passion, driving equality, and driving the respect of all humanity.

On the 13th of this month – the lucky date of Friday the 13th – I saw AJJ and Joyce Manor take the stage at Downton Los Angeles’, The Regent Theater.

AJJ was touring in support of their 2016 release, The Bible 2, on SideOneDummy Records, and Joyce Manor was supporting their newest release, Cody, which came out on October 7, 2016 on Epitaph Records.

AJJ played a ton of classic hits as well as plenty from the newest release. I most enjoyed Sean Bonnette’s speaking about the current environment we live in. He spoke of hope, of unity, and of love between all humans, and it was refreshing to hear.

AJJ at The Regent 1.13.17



Joyce Manor really stole the show and blew my mind. Not only did they play the longest set I have ever seen them play to date, but they also played the biggest venue I have ever seen this band play. I’m really amazed at the growth Joyce has seen over the years. Back in 2012, I saw AJJ and Joyce play the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, 2 back to back shows, with a capacity of 300. Now, in 2017, they both played The Regent, with a 1000-1,500 capacity, selling out 2 nights in a row.

Who knew Joyce Manor, a band consisting of 4 punk kids from Torrance, CA, who wrote 20-30 minute long albums and once played a pizza place in my home town, would a few years later sell out back-to-back nights in a large room, reaching close to 2,200 people total over the span of those 2 shows.

Joyce Manor at The Regent 1.13.17

Joyce played pretty much their Self-Titled album in full as well as most of Never Hung Over Again and Cody. It was extremely satisfying to hear the band play for a little over an hour rather than the 20-30 minute sets I’m used to. Melodic banger followed melodic banger, and I left the night with no voice from singing along so loudly and aching feet from jumping around so much.