The Menzingers, 3/14/17 at The Regent

A couple weeks ago I was able to attend a concert yet again at The Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, featuring: Rozwell Kid on SideOneDummy Records, Jeff Rosenstock on SideOneDummy Records, and headliner The Menzingers on Epitaph Records.

It was an exciting show to attend, seeing as 2 bands were on a label I had both interned and worked for, and all bands contained great people I’m lucky to know.

I had never seen Rozwell Kid play before, so I was pleasantly surprised by the band’s humor and energy live. They’re definitely worth watching live, and they have a new album titled Precious Art coming out on June 23rd on SideOneDummy.

Jeff Rosenstock is a great musician, man, and human. His set varied song wise from previous sets I’ve seen, but also included your every-day fan favorites. He focused a lot on supporting his newest release, Worry, but also focused on providing the best performance a fan could ask for. Jeff and band are engaging, energetic, and entertaining, but they also are outspoken advocates for a world of equality, an appreciation and respect for human rights and kindness toward all.

Jeff Rosenstock, The Regent, 3/14/17

The Menzingers closed out the night, on tour to support the newest release, After The Party, a melodic, alternative record full of ballads speaking to the acceptance of a waning or changing youth, the transformation from ones’ 20s to 30s. The Menzingers is a band full of storytellers, playing on nostalgia and painting pictures anyone can imagine and relate to.

The first time I had seen The Menzingers, the band opened for Anti-Flag back in 2010 at The Bell House in Brooklyn. The Bell House is about a 350 cap room, and during The Menzingers set, no more than 50 people had strolled in by that time. People were taking their time, waiting to show until Anti-Flag fully came on. I’ve seen The Menzingers play at my college in a 60 person room, and at a dive bar in Los Angeles, selling out 350 tickets. The band’s opened for Taking Back Sunday a couple times, gracing the stage as the opening act in larger, 1,500-3,000 cap rooms. However this time, this tour was theirs, and I witness the band sell out The Regent Theater, at 1,100 people.By the time of writing this, The Menzingers even sold out The Fillmore in Philadelphia, a 2,500 cap room.

The Menzingers, The Regent, 3/14/17

Every time I see The Menzingers live, I am more and more excited and proud of the organic growth they have achieved. It’s not as if the band has changed drastically over the years; moreover, their musical style has grown and evolved as they have grown and evolved as individual artists. The band played fan favorites from Chamberlain Waits, On The Impossible Past, and Rented World, but they really showcased the newest release, After The Party.

The Greg Barnett paused singing during “Gates” (off of On The Impossible Past), and it blew my mind to hear the entire crowd sing, “old enough to know that happiness is just a moment”, and the band then resumed full force.

Another aspect of amazing growth highlighted in this show was that Last Call with Carson Daly actually filmed it, airing The Menzingers’ performance of “Lookers” off of After The Party on NBC. Here’s to TV, here’s to bigger headlining shows, here’s to touching more and more people with music, each and every day.