Top Albums of 2017 (so far) & of 2016

Hello world!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but rest assured, I have a slew of posts stored inside my head. I’ve been busy with work and training and planning travel plans (NYC I’m coming back for you!) and concerts…but I’m here!

I love to spend my time listening to artists that don’t fall within my typical cup of tea. I view it as an educational experience, one where I can analyze and work to understand why a greater amount of the population enjoys this artist, what this artist is doing to stand out, and how we can learn from this artist and apply those learnings to future projects.

Below are a list of my top 4 albums of 2017 (so far), and while a majority do fall within my ideal taste, I’m excited for a bunch of other releases to arise.

  1. After the Party by The Menzingers
  2. Rainbow by Kesha
  3. Vision by Pet Symmetry
  4. Spin by Tigers Jaw
  5. Sincerely by Dude York
  6. Woodstock by Portugal. The Man
  7. Melodrama by Lorde

Here are my top 10 albums from 2016, as a reference:

  1. Goodness by The Hotelier
  2. Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco
  3. Cody by Joyce Manor
  4. California by Blink 182
  5. Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande
  6. Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper
  7. 24k Magic by Bruno Mars
  8. Joanne by Lady Gaga
  9. Teens of Denial by Car Seat Headrest
  10. Near to the Wild Heart of Life by Japandroids

Here’s a playlist I’ve made with my top songs from my favorite albums of both 2016 and 2017. Enjoy!

I love talking music, I love talking art, I love talking growth – if you have any thoughts on these records or lists, feel free to shoot me a message!