My name is Phoebe Johnson, and I could write a long excerpt about my qualifications and background, like how I’m currently a digital marketer at a full-service digital marketing agency, how my home is in music digital marketing and sales, how I’ve fallen in love with Los Angeles and New York alike. However, I can spare you from those not-so-exciting details.

Instead, I’d like to paint a picture for you. Imagine back to New Years Eve 2007. A 16-year-old girl sat in her suburban, Los Angeles bedroom, piles and piles of Alternative Press magazines scattering the floor around her. The bigger stacks, though, contained editorials and articles of bands she loved, ripped out and slowly cut into the perfect sizes. The girl had sliding mirror closet doors, and she concocted what she thought was the brightest idea of all: cover the doors in articles, photos, and posters of bands she loved. Remind herself every second of every day of what she loves and why, of what’s impacted her, inspired her, and influenced her.  Midnight rang in, NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly blaring on the tv, a new wall of musical motivation appearing in the forefront.

Now think back to September 2011, think what you were doing in that year, in the beginning of fall. Visualize a college junior, living in a New York City apartment with 3 roommates. The roommates made themselves at home in the living room, watching romantic comedies, wishing they could find a boy as dreamy as Mr. Big or as devoted as Mr. Darcy. Meanwhile, hidden in her room, the 4th roommate sat on her bed, forgetting everything from the hunger pains she felt from a long day of interning to the 10 page paper waiting for her to visit again. Spread all around her were piles of vinyl, hoards of CDs, and a few posters, and you know what? She couldn’t stop smiling. These were gifts she received from her internship, reflecting albums she both loved and was able to devise marketing strategies for, albums she had the chance to have a small imprint and impact on. Her roommates continued to watch romantic comedies in search for Mr. Right. She proceeded to open album inserts and admire the artwork.

Again, my name is Phoebe Johnson, and I am a highly creative and analytical music lover. Music has always encompassed all aspects of my life.  When I was a toddler, I remember using a plastic knife to conduct a Pavarotti performance on the screen. When I was 2, I remember asking my father to play guitar; he said no, and I cried my little eyes out. When I was 9 years old, I began playing violin, thinking it a more convincing instrument for my parents to permit. I fell in love with it, and even joined the county orchestra. When I was 12, my parents finally caved, and I started guitar lessons. I still play both instruments to this day.

I remember in high school my friend pointed out that, with the small exceptions of sports or writing or reading, music was all I spoke about. I spent my free time looking up new bands, attending local shows, reading Alternative Press and Rolling Stone, watching MTV’s TRL and Fuse’s Steven’s Untitled Rock Show, and religiously following Idobi radio.

While working on a high school class project, I realized music was all I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be able to reach as many people as possible with the art, to help them feel what I feel whenever I listen to a song, to help them find the lyrics that speak to them.

So car-less me, at the time, ventured across the country for college, into the city that will either make you or eat you alive: New York. I dove headfirst into internships, audio engineering, and booking shows – even some back in California while I was out there. My roommates continued to pine over boys and upcoming parties, but I remember one of the best 2 week periods of my college career. It was my senior year, and I had 8 shows to attend in a 10 day period. Some were for my internship, some were for curiosity, all were for happiness.

I’ve spent nearly all of the last 10 years of my life involved in music in some, way, shape, or form, whether it be through passion or for work, but we all know those are one in the same. While 10 years is significant, I intend to spend all my years working, volunteering, and playing music.