Writing Portfolio

At FlippenMusic, my writing was centered around music and entertainment. I focused my writing on upcoming artist tours, album releases, showcases, TV appearances, album reviews, concert reviews, and more.

I created a “Band Spotlight” piece that I wrote each week, highlighting a new artist, where I painted the background story of each artist and walked the reader through the artist’s history and growth over the years. I also showcased any upcoming new material or tour dates as well as made sure to include relevant creative assets such as photos, videos, and streaming links.

For all of my work writing for Flippen Music, please see the below link:

FlippenMusic Contributor: Phoebe Johnson

For Wpromote, my writing is more technical, focusing on the ins and outs of digital marketing and providing readers with management guides as well as digital marketing educational pieces. See below for my writing for Wpromote:

Paid Search Management Guide

Importance of YouTube Marketing